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Your developer community is probably pretty diverse — comprising of unique members working on little side projects, contributing to open source, poking at APIs, and integrating new tools. They’re interacting with various topics in many channels — and somewhere along the way they might engage with you. Whether or not that relationship sticks and what it means depend on a lot of things.

Regardless of what they’re thinking (if they think about you at all) — understanding the members of your community in terms of how they are engaging in your ecosystem is vital to working with them towards meaningful…

TL;DR: I’m excited to announce that for the first time since our time at RetentionGrid, Kevin Dykes, Jake Stott, and I have been working together on an exciting new project. Today we’re announcing the launch of Port.

Port helps you grow, engage, and retain your members. Wherever they are. With clever segmentation, our automated Port Score, and the Community Health Score you know who to focus on in a heartbeat.


During the period of quarantine in early 2020 I came across an article that bombarded its audience with the question ‘What will you say when people ask what you achieved…

Nick Dijkstra

Co-Founder & Product at Port • Helping People Navigate Their Community • Loves big ideas

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